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Introduction of online casino bonuses

Online casino gambling is a relatively new business that has existed only since the mid-1990s. However, annual sales are proving to be very popular with billions of dollars.At first there were relatively few operators, but now there are hundreds of casinos competing for loyalty of players. If the flagship product is gambling, how did the casino get some unique and special on the table to bring it to the player front door?


Playtech Software claims to have found a solution first, and there is controversy about the testimony of this statement, but the story is convincing. Unlike other online casinos, Playtech began working with land based casinos to offer online casinos and to try to figure out what they offer.

The answer was Comp. In addition to offering genuine stationary casino games, it will give you all kinds of free offers to come back. Free drinks you drink with them are certainly dual purpose, but this is not the case: When you play money in a real casino, you get a lot of free items.

And likewise, a casino bonus idea was born – a prize system that encourages players to make more of their business and encourages them to do more. The best way to do this in every experience in a virtual environment is free money for more gambling.

They started from the idea spread like wildfire, almost all online casinos on the internet have started whatever – loyalty regular game, Tuesday – and above all, various bonuses Log in to the first line

The real advantage of the bonus system is clear: If you give free money to players who apply for their casino, they are experimenting with the games they use. And if it’s massive free funding, otherwise it will be more prudent, but they can apply.

For a while, online casinos have offered a quick bonus to each other, but the case has become increasingly integrated. First, because people are looking for bonuses, and second, because the culture of bonus abuse has evolved.

In the industry, people have signed up for a new multi-account casino and claim bonuses and instant payments. Strangely, most casinos do not have the instructions yet, so you lose a lot of money. The practice received the name: Casino agriculture, but the industry replied.


Today’s online casino bonuses are alive and quiet at a more reasonable level. Almost all online casino operators have added segments to rules and user terms that regulate the use of free bonus money. Generally, a certain amount of game is required before being paid. This way, the player gets the bonus but do not abuse the industry.

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