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Skrill Vs. Neteller for Online Gambling

When it comes to preferred payment options for Indian online casinos, Skrill and Neteller are some of the best methods you can go for. While both payment methods go great for online gambling, certain differences might determine players to choose one o the other. Here are the details.

One of the main differences between these two eWallets is the accessibility of their websites. Skill and Neteller have very different structures, and when it comes to their simplicity level, Skrill can win in a detached way. To deposit with Skrill on an Indian casino online, all you need is your Skrill email address and the amount you want to deposit.

To use Neteller, you need to know your 16 digit number that represents your Neteller account. This can be a great difference for some players, and it can even be overwhelming for beginners.

When it comes to fees, there is quite a difference between Skrill and Neteller. While Neteller can charge 1.5% fees or even 7.5 fees for deposits made from the user’s bank account, Skrill is free of charge. It is true that Neteller also has certain free transactions, but this can’t be considered the norm for this eWallet. However, if you use a MasterCard, Neteller becomes a lot more price friendly.

Safety is a big aspect when it comes to online transactions, and it becomes even more important for gambling transactions. This is where both Neteller and Skrill are very similar meaning that they are both very safe. You will not take almost any risks by using these two eWallets, and you will be able to argue all transactions that for one reason o another, you don’t recognize as being yours.

Both Skrill and Neteller are great eWallets that you can use to deposit money in your Indian online casino. They will both offer you the efficiency you need, and they can be used for other types of transactions as well. But you might want to be aware of the differences listed here to make the best decision regarding your investments!

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